Smile Qigong - building health and vitality through slow movement and deep breathing

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1. Nutrition & Supplementation -

These are the fundamentals to base a recovery plan on as its the ' fuel you put in the car ' and one of the common principles in fatigue conditions is the breakdown of the energy producing mechanisms in the body. So correct eating for your metabolic type, blood type, and lifestyle with good quality supplementation of minerals, probiotics, vitamins, herbs and superfoods

2. Fluid Balance -

Correct hydration of the body down to a cellular level is essential to health and wellbeing as the human body mirrors Mother Earth in our water and mineral content. Using different types of fluids for your recovery plan including Anti-Oxidant Water, Pure Water, Spring Water, Juicing, Herbal Teas






3. Alternative Therapies -

Play an essential part to assist the healing process and monitor your progress and keep you motivated while enjoying the instant benefits such as deep relaxation !



4. Energy Exercises - 

Activities that draw energy to the body including Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Walking, Meditation, EFT, Rebounding  in contrast to those which deplete energy that may have played their part in the development of your present health status.



5. Detoxification -

Awareness of current toxic load and treatment plan to safely rid the body of stored toxins which create a burden on the bodies energy levels and therefore speed of recovery. Advanced protocols for cleansing the Bowels, Liver, Kidneys, Connective Tissue, Lymphatic System and Cerebrospinal Fluid.



6. Lifestyle Changes -

Becoming more aware of your bodies abilities and using your strengths to their fullest and protecting your weaknesses so being aware of your Constitution Type including awareness of energy drainers. Looking to find happiness and fulfillment through self development and embracing change - a good example is Ron's story, he was an electrician from leaving school and he made massive changes through his M.E. journey to get to where he is now, happy and healthier than ever !



7. Positive Intentions -

Affirming postive words, thoughts and deeds. Seeing the 'Silver Lining' in normally perceived ' negative situations ' creating the magnetism that attracts more health and happiness into your life.



8. Thought Therapies -

Breaking old thought patterns and the way you react to situations and gaining awareness of the energy we can create or lose with our thoughts. Being aware of the link between mind and body and its effect on a body in dis'ease.



9. Breath Retraining -

Returning to the embryonic breath as when we were born, using specific Breathing Exercises tailored to your current stage of ability including Yogic Breathing, Buteyko Breathing, Tai Chi Breathing and developing awareness of your Breathing Pattern in daily life which can help prevent relapses common in M.E. recoveries



10. Technology & Equipment -

Using modern technology to speed up recovery time and improve quality of life. Where having a fatigue condition may hinder certain activities due to current physical limits then state of the art equipment can assist the healing process.




    ' Everyone has a doctor in him or her, we just have to

              help it in its work. The natural healing force within

                   each one of us is the greatest force in getting well '